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Are you getting the most out of your application, systems and security logs? Log management is much more than collecting and storing logs. You need to understand what the data means. Digital Edge can help you to best use your log and machine data for network protection and compliance.
All of the data generated by your Information Technology environment, either in the cloud or on premises, contains a plethora of valuable information. Digital Edge can assist you to uncover the value of something that exists, but is not visible.

“Digital Edge’s log management provides us with deep visibility into our application performance. Advanced log analysis and correlation mechanisms implemented by Digital Edge, allows us to analyze application behavior as well as predict possible misbehavior, bottlenecks and potential failures. After joint work with the Digital Edge team, we have established our base line system parameters and can detect deviations and abnormalities. Performance is absolutely essential in our industry and affects all aspects of our business ranging from the overall user experience to a technical SEO strategy. This gives us additional stability, uptime and performance that is crucial in today’s competitive market.”

Eugene Belenky

CEO and Founder of ShowMeLocal.com

“March of Dimes’ mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Our research is heavily relied upon our online donations. March of Dimes E-Business is PCI certified; one of the most important control under PCI cyber security framework is retaining and analyzing logs from all Credit Card processing devices. Digital Edge’s LotIT service helps us to do it. When time comes to audit, we have everything ready. Recently, we learned that we can use logging mechanisms for different purposes related to our core business- such as logs of communications with our community, deliverability of our messages, effectiveness of our campaigns. This service is very affordable and extremely convenient!”

Simon Mosheshvili

Director of e-Business at
March Of Dimes

“We found interesting and satisfying ways to use Digital Edge’s LotIT service. Initially, we were only saving our Information Technology data in Digital Edge’s LotIT. However, quickly we expanded that service because our CNC machines create logs that can be stored, analyzed, and produced alerts as well. This real time analysis and alerting allows us to make quick decisions about the quality of the parts that our CNC machines are producing. Thanks DE!”

Misha Migdal

CEO and President at
Supreme Screw Products

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